Friday, April 16, 2010

Tea and Cookies

She had a crappy day at school (crappy enough that it cleared up any debate on our decision to pull her after only four months, even after all the work to find a preschool) on Wednesday. It was a cold, crappy day outside. I had a tea set stashed in the closet, which was supposed to be an Easter gift, but one look at her overflowing basket and we decided to hold it back. The theory was that I could whip it out on just such an occasion, when we both needed something new and she needed cheering up. so we made some M&M cookies together and I brewed some of the Tangerine-Orange Zinger tea she had picked out a few days earlier at the grocery store. Everything was a big hit. She dumped as much as she poured, but I put plenty of double-folded bath towels tablecloths down, so it was okay. She had a great time and that's what extra-large capacity washers were invented for, right?


Cristina Kollet said...

What a great picture! Who wouldn't want tea and cookies after a long day!

--ginger. said...

Exactly right. Good job delivering the right medicine, mom.