Monday, April 05, 2010

Another Outfit

Temps here shot up into the high 80's at the end of last week, and I had to venture into our attic storage space (man, it was HOT up there) and drag down the crate of Piper's summer/too-big/off-season clothes.  She immediately started rummaging around in the stuff and pulled out the Halloween skirts her grandma made for her last fall. She wore them a lot right around Halloween, and then, because she has 317847857854 other skirts in her closet, I put them away for next year. Now she's wearing them again, usually in combination with a lot of other items.  In this photo, she is wearing:
Yellow & green polka-dot shoes, one size too big
Pink socks
Green pants
Hello Kitty Halloween skirt
Blue long-sleeved shirt

That's a pretty typical outfit these days. Since it just keeps getting hotter around here (two days of 90+ temps so far this week!), I keep trying to explain to her that fewer layers are the ticket right now.  It's not going well.

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