Monday, April 26, 2010

Conversations With Piper: Magic Words in the Neighborhood

Anything you put over your head (particularly those thing she sticks over her or your face, like baby blankets) is a "neighborhood." As in, "Mommy, you want to have the neighborhood? I'm going to put the neighborhood on." And she yanks a blanket off her bed and puts it over my face.

P: Magic words! Time to say the magic words!
R: What magic words? Hocus pocus!
P: Yeah, magic words! (lets out a really loud fart and giggles) Magic words!

At bedtime, as I'm walking out the door:

Me: Goodnight, kiddo. I love you.
P: Love you. (pause) I can make a really loud beep.
Me: (pauses in doorway) Oh, yeah?
P: Yeah.
Me: Are you going to make the beep?
P: Yeah. (pause, then whispers) Beep. (whispers) Beep. (cracks up)