Thursday, January 07, 2010

Christmas Post, A Little Belated.

Here's a little of what our Christmas looked like:

A drum set eagerly awaiting use.

We got this silver tree a mere eight days before Christmas. Neither of us was a big fan of fake trees, but this one was just so glittery and space-age-looking we couldn't resist. We immediately dubbed it "THE CHRISTMAS TREE...OF THE FUTURE!" and are working on making a rocketship topper for next year.

Piper's ornament this year, chosen by her (last year was a dinosaur).

The glass ball ornaments originally belonged to my parents; they got them when I was just a baby. My mom wanted to throw them out one year and I said "What?! You're crazy!" I've been moving them back and forth across the country ever since.

We "Santa" watched Mad Men while putting together the drum set, filling stockings, and pulling packages out of hidey-holes around the house.

The (very quiet) drum set was a big hit, although I haven't seen the sticks since Dec. 26th and she keeps trying to sit on it.

Hope your holidays were merry and bright.

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