Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Another Belated Holiday Post: Gift Tags

I meant to post this on December 15: What to do if, say, you have gifts to wrap, and your 2.5-year-old wants to help, which, of course, is not much help at all?

Bust out the stamper set you were saving for her stocking, cut up some index cards, and let her make some gift tags. This will keep her busy and also stop you from frantically searching for the pack of gift tags you are absolutely sure is somewhere in your house but does not turn up even after you trashed three rooms looking for it.

She will have a good time. You will get gift tags with blobby, inky monster stamps on them, which delight your gift recipients (particularly those of the grandparent variety). You will get your presents wrapped without her "help."

Even your household pets can get involved.

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vicki said...

Steph - Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog and to leave a nice comment. (I want your recipe for garlic herb cheese bread - by the way!) Your blog is adorable - and I love the title and description in your proile - cracks me up! There is nothing better to blog about than your family and children - priceless! You are registered for the knitted bird nest /or knitting needles giveaway - come back soon and register again!