Saturday, June 21, 2008

55 Weeks

In order to keep her from squirming away and playing Naked Chase for twenty minutes, I gave her a squeeze-bottle of water to play with during a diaper change. It was similar to the water-bottles with the “sport” drinking tops. She squeezed it, of course, and it gushed water into her mouth. Then she started to gargle with it. That made her laugh, which made more “gurrggggg…” sounds and then I laughed, which made her laugh harder and squeeze the bottle again. This went on for ten minutes, until we were both breathless and soaked and the bottle was empty of water.

Mildly alarming and a little weird but somehow equally as funny was when she later gargled an entire mouthful of breastmilk as I was nursing her before bed.

She’s been cutting some molars and this makes her very crabby, whiny, and hard to please. I threw out my concerns about over-medicating and have been giving her a low dose of ibuprofen whenever she seems too miserable to be helped by ice cubes and mama time. I wish the damned things would just come in already. Which reminds me to worry about the fact that I hardly ever brush her teeth…

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