Saturday, June 07, 2008

53 Weeks

I will keep doing these, for a while anyway. She keeps doing new stuff every week, and this has become some sort of record of all that, so I guess I will keep writing (erm, typing) it all down.

The walking has turned to running, and for someone with short legs she’s surprisingly maneuverable. Her favorite trick is to squirm away when I’m changing her diaper or when she’s just out of the bath and run through the house buck naked. The Naked Run is pretty funny, especially since she giggles the whole time. When I say “come here!” and chase her, she looks at me, grins, and then runs faster. I have not been able to convince her that Naked Cat Wrestling is not a good idea.

My parents are here for a visit, and my dad is probably never coming back because we are making him work while he is here: two ceiling fans to put up, a crib to put back together, cabinet latches to install. My mom swears he’s done more work in the last 12 hours than he has in the last 12 days at home. Piper is very interested in what he’s doing. She is quite helpful, if you like the sort of help that runs off with half your tools and eats small pieces of hardware.

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