Saturday, June 14, 2008

54 Weeks

We seem to have a little clown on our hands. She’s always goofing around and trying to make us laugh. Right now her favorite way to do that is to put laundry on her head. When we laugh at her, she pulls the clothing down over her face and walks around. It’s pretty funny. We are probably terrible parents because we also thought it was funny when she bumped into things. We didn’t let her run smack into the walls or anything, but watching her bounce harmlessly off furniture for five minutes was more entertaining than trying to tune in staticky TV reruns.

We’re seeing the first hints of imagination, too; rather than randomly picking toys up, messing with them, and setting them down, she seems to be playing with purpose these days. Last night we watched her appear to lecture a small plastic peacock and an equally pint-sized plastic camel, then make them talk to each other. Then she shoved them into the wires on her miniature bead maze and lectured them some more.

She’s starting to have preferences for certain stuffed animals, too; up until now, she didn’t really care. She’d play with whatever was around. When my parents visited, my mom brought one of my old dolls for her, which is the only “baby doll” she has at the moment. It’s a vinyl-headed soft-bodied thing with painted-on hair and features, and Piper loves it. She also likes the stuffed bright-red “Fox in Socks”. She carries these items around and hugs them. We would always say “awwww!” when we saw her hugging something, and now she has started doing it too. She hugs a doll or stuffed animal and goes “awww!” then looks at us, grins, and does it again. “Awww!” she says, hugging Fox or her doll. Then she tosses it aside. Begone! I am done with you!

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