Thursday, March 04, 2010


This is what happens when 2.5-year-olds get control of their own wardrobes.  She is wearing:

A green-and-white-striped shirt over a two-tone blue-striped shirt;
A cream-colored skirt with sparkles, which falls down constantly;
Black tights and maroon legwarmers;
Pink-and-blue polka-dot rainboots;
A blue fleece cape with green apples on it.

She was quite happy with her outfit, except the skirt, which has a too-big, too-slick waistband and won't stay up, especially not over tights.  Eventually she exchanged it for another skirt, which was black with a tiny orange pumpkin on it.

Unlike some moms, this toddler fashion show does not bother me.  I think it's awesome and hilarious to take my kid out dressed like this.  It's even better when she wears her red cowboy boots and stomps around making clack-clack noises everywhere.


Susan said...

love it. i think my daughter has the same outfit. seriously.

La TempĂȘte said...

It doesn't get any better than when kids choose their own outfits. It doesn't bothert me either. My youngest once (at around 12 mo) for about a month insisted on wearing a pair of Mickey Mouse ears everywhere. If he saw them, he woukd just cry and cry until we let him wear, why not? We got the most lovely comments when we were out and about. People loved it. I also allow puddle jumping ;p