Friday, June 12, 2009


It is currently a million degrees in here. Well, not that many, but a very high number. Far too many degrees to have a child clambering on me. I am slacking, not working and paying bills and balancing the checkbook and all those other Adult things I am supposed to be doing right now.

My parents are coming for the weekend, and I have already asked them to babysit tomorrow afternoon. I told my husband I want to go see a movie. We've had a pretty crap time of it around here lately, what with cat murder, layoffs (oh yeah, it's official), heat, fighting, and crabby child. So I told him "We have babysitters for FREE this weekend. I want you to take me out. We are going to go to the movies. I want to sit for 90 minutes in ice-cold air conditioning, make myself sick eating buttery popcorn, drink a gallon of full-calorie over-sweet carbonated beverage, and laugh myself stupid at the dumbest movie I can find." I just want to forget all our troubles for an hour or two and enjoy myself.

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