Sunday, January 06, 2008

Unlimited Night & Weekend Minutes

So, Max is Down South, and we are still stuck in the Great White North until we figure out a place for us to live. He gets up at 5:30 am to go to school every morning. I just called him at 12:20 am to tell him something. He wasn't mad. In fact, this sort of thing is pretty typical of our relationship. The conversation sounded like this:

Him (groggily): Hello?
Me (jabbering): Okay, I'm sorry to call you at this hour but I had to tell you this right now or I would forget, okay? So I'm really sorry but I had to tell you this. You remember that one time when we were in the Starbucks and that Sparklehorse song "Shade and Honey" was on only we didn't know it was a Sparklehorse song at the time? And I spent the whole three and a half minutes or whatever of the song going "Damn, what is this? I know this. What is this? I know this song, I know all the words, what the fuck is this?!" but I couldn't figure it out and then we got the Sparklehorse album and I was like "oh, that's the song" and I got all obsessed with Sparklehorse and I listen to the album at least twice a week now?"
Him (patiently): Yeeeaaah...
Me (still jabbering): But we never did figure out where I knew the song from?
Him (still patient): Uh-huh...
Me (teeth nearly chattering with excitement): Well, guess where it's from?! You remember that movie Laurel Canyon that I watched like eight times in a row? It's in there, the guy sings it! The songs in the movie are Sparklehorse songs, the lead singer wrote that song for the movie!
Him (as if a light bulb has gone on): OH! Oh! Yeah!
Me: I just wanted to tell you that.
Him: Well, I love you. Good night.
Me: Me, too. 'Night.

See? I blurt out weird things at random times and he not only follows what I'm saying, he's right there with me.

I love that man.

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