Thursday, January 17, 2008


I walked into the living room, and found this:

Pulled herself up all on her own, and was cruising around. It's the beginning of the end for me, I fear.

Also, you may have noticed that a lot (I believe the technical term is "assload") of old posts have suddenly appeared here. That's because I have just caught up on two months' worth of not-blogging, and I figured out how to post pictures here. You see, I am extremely stupid about Zee Komputers and Zee Interrrnets and it takes me along time to figure things out. Due to my newfound time, energy, and know-how, many, many posts and pictures have appeared. So please, by all means, relax with a tasty beverage of your choice (an Orange Crush, perhaps, Nejyerf?) and prowl around.

1 comment:

nejyerf said...

imagine my surprise and delight to see my name up in lights on your blog.

i always get a thrill when i see someone has linked to me.

it's always all about me!!!