Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy Friggin' New Year

Max left the night of the 30th for North Carolina, so I rang in the new year on the phone with him. Piper, who was of course NOT SLEEPING, celebrated by pooping at midnight exactly. I'm totally serious. It was a mess that required 10 baby wipes, 2 changing-pad covers, a new pair of pajamas, and 15 minutes to clean up.

We are all sick here. My nose has been running for days, a near-constant trickle and drip. I've resorted to wiping it on my sleeve several times so I don't drip snot on the baby's head. Piper also has The Plague (as we've all taken to calling it), and the accompanying stuffy/runny nose. She uses me to wipe her nose, leaving glistening trails of baby snot on the shoulders of all my shirts.

I sincerely hope y'all are have a better new year than I am right now.

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