Thursday, August 05, 2010

Lego Fallingwater

This thing is so cool. I want it. I have nowhere to put it, and I'm sure that even if I did find somewhere to put it, it would take all of three seconds before a) the cats knocked it over, smashing it back into all 811 individual bricks or b) Piper found it and disassembled it back into all 811 individual bricks.

But it's pretty cool anyway.

Found at Barnes & Noble


Beth Lemon said...

We don't live far from Falling Water and it is just gorgeous. Really worth a trip from anywhere -- especially at Christmas. There are a couple of other FLW homes in the area. You could make a trip out of it. A beautiful area.

Trish said...

Cool. I wonder why it took Lego so long to think of it?