Thursday, May 06, 2010

The Firefly Wedding

Some ladies on Ravelry asked to see photos of our wedding, when it got 'round that we had themed and styled it (inasmuch as we had a "theme" besides Steph's family acts like a bunch of jerks) after the brilliant-but-canceled TV show Firefly. I know a couple of you out there are fellow Browncoats, so I thought you might like a look, too.

Here's a pretty good picture of everyone's costumes attire. Oh and this is one of the few pictures where you can see the banners we hung in the gazebo.

 This is what it looked like during the ceremony. We kept it as short as possible, which was good because it was REALLY hot.

Here's a shot of my boobs bouquet. Those flowers are fake, and my husband did all the work himself. Isn't it pretty? Not really relevant to the Firefly theme, but this is one of the (few) pictures from that day I really like.

The bridesmaids with their parasols. I could not find a swirly-stripe parasol like Kaylee's, but this at least had the swirl (how awesome is the Kaylee costume at that link?!). Anyway, after hand-making more than 30 beaded flowers (I had some help) for corsages/boutonnieres, refurbishing five necklaces, and keeping my mom from punching me out and putting on my dress, I was out of get-up-and-go to buy white parasols and hand-paint the stripes. 

And here we all are again. This is a much better view of the Cap'n Tightpants tuxes.

This was all nearly five years ago, and I have heard of a few Firefly weddings since, but at the time not many people had thought to style their wedding on a canceled sci-fi TV show about space cowboys. If we'd had our way, we would've built a replica of Serenity's cargo hold and asked Joss Whedon or Nathan Fillion to come officiate. Since we don't live in Imaginary Fantasy We Are Made of Money World and my mom turned the whole thing into her own debutante ball, we did the best we could. Mad props go to my friend Morgan and her husband, because they saved the show more times than I can count. All our friends pitched in, but those two led the charge. We owe them a huge debt, which they are free to call in someday when they need an enemy to fall down an elevator shaft onto some bullets.


Erin Marie said...

I LOVE it! The parasols are great.


Surprised you didn't go with bridesmaid's dresses modelled on Kaylee's dress from Shindig though!


Rae said...

Oh this is great, because Nate is currently watching his way through Firefly without me (I just bawled him out for that since he didn't even ASK!) so we've had it on the brain.

Love the wedding pics, and your boobs look phenomenal. :)

La TempĂȘte said...

God I love that show too much.

Oh, and lovely wedding shots too :)