Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Fashion: Insert Clever Title About Cowls Here

Seriously, go ahead. I tried all manner of puns on the word "cowl," and they all made me groan.

I used to hate cowls.  I thought they were silly; why not just wear a scarf, for crying out loud?  Then at least you wouldn't have to yank it over your head to get it off.

This was before the first time I accidentally dipped the end of one of my long, skinny scarves into a public toilet.  Oh, yes, I say the first time.  I am a slow learner.

What with all the snow and unreasonably-cold-for-the-south temperatures around here this winter, I have become an even bigger scarf addict.  This has created a few logistical problems (see sentence above re: public toilets and then picture that going on while screaming at your 2.5-year-old to stop poking her hands in the 'sanitary napkin disposal' box).  I have decided that perhaps cowls aren't so silly after all.  

If you knit (or can bribe a knitter into making you one), here's a lovely cashmere one by Isabelle at The Purl Bee.

Or you can just buy someone else's handmade stuff - Vicki has a nice variety.

If you want more of an all-seasons thing, try a Necklush.  Or make your own*.  I would like to do this, as I have about 576 sad, stretched-out and holey t-shirts which I should stop wearing and which would find newer, prettier lives hanging around my neck rather than keeping vanilla latte out of my cleavage. Although I suppose they could still do that, just in a more stylish way.  You know, a way that allows me to appear in public without looking like I just rolled out of bed.

*I will tell you that the Cut Out + Keep website made Firefox crash on me three times, so be warned.  The very best Necklush tutorial used to be found at This Old Dress, but Connie had to remove it for legal reasons.  You should go check out her blog anyway, because it's awesome.  She does things with t-shirts that leave me in awe.

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