Thursday, November 12, 2009

Back Yard View

Look! I'm even blogging on vacation (or is it "vacation"? Because this trying-to-cram-everyone-into-one-visit stuff is hard work, yo).

Here's the view from our back yard in mid-October:

As my friend who lives in Chattanooga puts it, "In the South, it's like Fall all Winter long." While the trees are bare up here in the Great White North, our trees in Charlotte only started coming into full, riotous color a couple weeks ago.

While there are many things I don't like about living in Charlotte, the six-months-of-Fall aspect isn't one of them.


Trish said...

Such a gorgeous view! Does that also mean you've got 6 months of leaf-raking to do, or does it all look as beautiful on the ground as it does on the trees?

Steph said...

Luckily, most of the trees are far enough back that it's not a problem. We do one big rake-up near the end of the fall and that's usually enough. Last year, though, we had these weird little hard pointy ball-things everywhere. They were small, but with BIG thorny spikes and they stuck in our lawn mower, hurt if you fell on them, and covered our yard. I don't know what they were or which trees they came off of, but they haven't appeared this year and I'm glad.