Thursday, August 13, 2009

Vocabulary, and a birthday.

Everyone go check out Antoinette's shop, Vocabulary. Very cute clothing, made by a very cute person. Show some love.

In other news:

Today's my birthday.

I hate my birthday.

But I would like some red velvet cake with cream cheese icing, and a bottle of Saint Clair Vicar's Choice Sauvignon Blanc 2008. I saw red velvet cupcakes and sampled the wine this weekend. I haven't been able to get either of them off my mind ever since.

Other things that I would like: a pedicure, a trip to the movies, or someone to come organize my house for me.

I already got my present (an iPhone, which I am still learning how to use) a couple of weeks ago. My very nice husband didn't want to count it as my present, but I told him nonsense. Buying me what is essentially a $200 toy two weeks before my birthday counts as a present. So this morning he let me sleep in until the princely hour of 9:30, made me breakfast, gifted me a bag containing several bottles of SoBe Black & Blueberry water (my new favorite treat-beverage) and then we went out to run some errands. I had a caramel latte, I bought a Charley Harper calendar to cut up and frame for wall art, I got my wedding ring cleaned, we got lunch at Qdoba, we went to the hardware store to look for some stuff. Not bad.

He's at work now, he has to work some crazy shift until 2:00 in the morning. So I am here with Miss Crabb-a-Lot, who didn't take a nap today and is consequently demanding popsicles and whining like there is no tomorrow.

At least it's not 97 degrees today.


Antoinette said...

Happy Birthday! A new iPhone is pretty sweeeet, congrats! And thanks for the shop mention. Sure do appreciate it. :)

Holli Garnett said...

sounds like fun :) happy day!