Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The New Pornographers

Does anyone else dream of planning parties? Don't get me wrong, I love kickin' it at home in my jammies eating Cheetos and watching The L Word as much as anyone, but I also dream of parties. Elegant, wonderful parties where friends sip color-coordinated drinks that tie in to the decorating theme and eat delicious food that I have meticulously prepared myself. Oh, and there are always amazing decorations in these fantasies, hand-crafted by me of course. Why, it's so easy! You just spray-paint the branches, twist up the tissue paper and...taa-daa! Not to mention in these little daydreams, I am actually enjoying my own party, flitting from guest to guest accepting compliments on my hospitality (while wearing a very nice dress that has no trace of food on it and sporting a hairstyle that does not involve a hat or a ponytail), refilling drinks, and nibbling on sumptuous appetizers.

Total fiction, I know. But at least there are people out there willing to put my fantasies in an RSS feed-friendly format.

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