Monday, May 04, 2009

Gauze Celebre.

After seeing this post on a knitting blog, I coveted not only the fingerless mittens (never mind it's 82 degrees outside right now), but also that scarf. She was kind enough to link to the website where she bought it. I decided to click through, y'know, just to see.

I looked at the Uniform Studio shop page, and realized that the "scarf" was gauze. Closer inspection of the product pages made me realize that this "light as air cotton scarf" with "textural, distressed raw edges" was just a 20 inch by 6 ft. piece of cotton gauze fabric they ripped instead of cutting and didn't even hem. And it costs $40. It even comes in my new obsession color for this spring, mustard yellow. But $40? Seriously?

Now, generally I'm a champion of the "buy handmade" ethic and support the little guy and rah rah rah, but in this case I think "make handmade" will suit my budget a bit better. I'm sure they are very nice pieces of cotton gauze scarves, but for about $7 I can get enough cotton gauze to make one and rip it in half myself. I'd even have one to give to a friend.

Of course, assuming I ever make it to the fabric store/get around to ordering it, and the store or website has what I want...I'd get it home safely and spread it out and spend forty-five minutes laying it out on the floor, supposedly trying to see how wide I want it but really spend all my time yelling get off, cat! and Piper, NO NO NO! before I realize I can't find the fricken scissors, then fold it all up and tell myself I'll try again tomorrow, but there it sits for six months until I forget why the hell I bought it in the first place.

Uhh, not that this has happened with other craft projects or anything...I certainly don't have entire closet that might as well be labled "Where Good Crafts Go To Die." Nosir, not me.

Hmm...maybe $40 isn't such a bad price after all...

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