Thursday, May 15, 2008

Like Wildfire

I'm sure pretty much everybody has already heard, but:

The California Supreme Court has overturned the ban on gay marriage.

Here's an LA Times article, too.

I am hopeful, but not about ready to start lighting fireworks and popping champagne yet. Hate groups Conservative religious political groups are already circulating petitions for an amendment to the state Constitution that would definitively block same-sex marriage. That bonehead Governor Schwarzengger has already vetoed bills passed by the Legislature allowing same-sex marriage. He always says the veto is "the will of the people." Uhh, you mean the people who elected the people who passed the bill? Natch.

And, as the LA Times article points out, this sort of lights a fire under those opposed to same-sex marriage, because nobody can say 'Oh, it'll never happen, quit worrying' anymore.

To which I always say: What BUSINESS is it of yours? Why do you care who gets married and who doesn't? It has absolutely no effect on you. Find something more important to worry about. Like a device that will keep socks from getting lost in the dryer.

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