Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Daddy Is Golden

A few friends have asked me how Piper did with Ryan when we first moved down here, after being away from him for three months. They were a big three months – when he left, she was just starting to scoot around, just showing the beginnings of her army-crawl. When we met up with him again, she was crawling in earnest, chattering away, and thisclose to walking.

The truth is, she was fine with him, great in fact. When we picked him up at the airport, she fairly leapt into his arms. A few times that night and the next she insisted on me over him when she’d bonked her head or was tired, but that was all. Didn’t skip a beat, really.

And now? She adores him. When he’s home, she follows him around and has to be near him. She cries and pounds on the door when he leaves and tries to run after him. One day we were playing outside and when he left to go do some errands, she wailed and charged towards the street, then ran down the sidewalk after his car. When he comes home, she lights up. She squeals “Dada!” and runs at him as fast as she can go, beaming. Every time he lays on the floor to watch TV or read or play video games (the man cannot do any of those things sitting up like a normal person, don’t ask me why, at this point I just sigh and try not to trip over him), Piper has to run up and tackle him, then wrestle until they are both tired.

Not only that, but she sits still for him during diaper changes. It must be love.

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