Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Out for birthday pancakes this morning. 

Today's the day! My baby is three. THREE!

And just to make me weepy, here's a look at zero:


And two:

We are crazy busy getting ready for my in-laws' visit. They are coming tomorrow and staying for five days. They are lovely people, but not always the easiest houseguests to host and entertain. I will be back as soon as I can with a show-and-tell of all the birthday crafts. Almost all of Piper's presents from us were handmade this year and whew! that was nuts. I can tell you that I DID make a quilt, which was like some sort of crafting Iditarod-style endurance test. She was thrilled with all her gifts and so far today has had a blast. Right now, I'm off to make a strawberry cake with lemon-cream cheese frosting!


Antoinette said...

Happy Third, Piper! Her t-shirt looks smashing!

Erin Marie said...

I want a strawberry cake with lemon-cream-cheese icing!!!

Trish said...

sweet! I do love that tshirt. Your Piper is a super lucky girl.