Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Home Again, Home Again

We are back, in one piece and everything. Piper slept through the flight there and then, two weeks later, through the flight back. On the flight back, she was asleep before we left the grond and the seat next to me was empty so I laid her down and - get THIS - picked up the in-flight magazine and read it cover to cover. Then I browsed the Sky Mall catalog, ate a granola bar and drank the plastic cup of ginger ale the flight attendant gave me, and stared out the window. All without a child climbing on me and screaming, smacking me in the face with a toy/book/broom/cat/shoe, or smearing anything on my clothes.

It was over an hour and a half of quiet time, all to myself. I had packed my knitting in our checked baggage, because I thought that with a mid-afternoon flight and a curious 22-month-old, there would be no time. I had crammed my carryon backpack with toys, books, and goldfish crackers, expecting to need some sort of amusement or distraction about every eight minutes. And I didn't use any of it. I kicked myself for not at least stuffing a paperback or my new issue of ReadyMade in there. All the same, it was heavenly and relaxing and amazing to have time on my hands.

I am now considering flying to random destinations once a week, just so my kid gets one good nap in every 7 days and I can finish a knitting project some time before the next Ice Age.

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