Thursday, March 08, 2007

Thank Heaven for Little Girls

A couple of days ago, Max came home from work with Girl Scout Cookies. Thin Mints for him, Caramel Dee-Lights (aka Samoas) for me.

"You know what occured to me today? The most wonderful thought EVER," he said around a mouthful of minty, crispy chocolate.
"Mmm?" I asked as I ripped open the purple box and dug in.
"In a few years, " he said, "we could potentially have our own private line on Girl Scout Cookies."
It took me a second to figure out what he meant. Then it sank in. "Oh my God."
"I know, right? It'll be awesome."
"She'll be the top seller in her troop...all to us."
"We're going to have to buy a chest freezer just for Thin Mints."
"I'm so glad we're having a daughter."
"Me too. Because the Boy Scouts are nice, but their popcorn just doesn't do it for me."
"No way."

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